Monday, April 7, 2008

The Lazy Baker - Lava Cakes

Some days, some very long and stressful days, the chocolate craving takes over. Those are usually the days when I'm just too tired or lazy to bake something from scratch. One box you'll usually find in our cupboards is a boxed cake mix for Lava Cakes. These warm little cakes with molten chocolate in the middle are so easy and quick and perfect on their own, with a bit of powdered sugar on top or if I'm a bit more motivated a strawberry or raspberry sauce poured over the top.  There is nothing like cutting into one and seeing the warm chocolate inside start to seep out.

Some boxed lava cake mixes contain a separate packet of sauce you pour into the batter just before baking, but the Dr. Oetker brand is just one package of powdered mix, one egg and a bit of hot water, all combined and poured into the furnished small baking tins. What could be better - a one bowl mix, throw-away baking tins and a desert that takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish!

These are also nice with a bit of warm custard on top or any other sauce you can think of that goes well with chocolate.

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